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Whether you are struggling with your health or you have other destructive behaviours that are holding you back, I've got you.  I was there before.  Let me help you. 

Wild Souled Women Retreats

Bring women together in groups for the purpose of learning, growing, connecting, releasing, healing and creating communities.  For centuries women have come together to create safe and sacred spaces for each other.  But in the world we have been living in we've been teaching women they are to do everything on their own, while being everything to everyone.

Wild Women Retreats are a way to experience and create authentic women's group who raise each other up, hold space for each other, learn and grow together while connecting deeper to our own Wild Soul and honouring the process together.



Hi I'm Tonya

Nice to meet you!
I work with people just like you who know deep within them that there is more to life, that it's not all about suffering. I help people find that warrior, that wild one, deep within, the real you so you can truly live your wild. Our repeating behaviours and destructive patterns are a symptom of the problem, not the actual problem. I help you get to the root of the problem so you can fully embrace your life, be your authentic self and live life to the fullest .

Do you have something keeps repeating in your life - like the same type of partner (think different yet same dude?) or how many times have you lost and gained the weight back again (did you stop counting? Good!) or do you just KNOW there is more to life and you're feeling BLAH most days, secretly wishing you could run off on an adventure and leave your cares and worries behind, free as a bird to do as you please? Do you wish for something different or know that another way exists but you just don't know how to go about it?

You're in the right place ! I have created exactly what you need to find the emotional blocks that keep you repeating destructive behaviours so you can turn those around and live a wild souled life where you are achieving everything you've ever wanted! This isn't a magic pill. There's work to do to uncover the real you, the you've buried under bad decisions, wrong partners, being a doormat and becoming who they wanted you to be. Your freedom from the chains that bind you is near... let me help.

More About Me

What My Wonderful Wild Souled Clients Have To Say

  • I feel lighter, more energized, and most importantly IN CONTROL of my relationship with food.Through working with Tonya, I have dug through painful childhood memories and freed myself of the never ending conversation of “You shouldn’t eat that, ugh – WHY did you eat that? you’re never going to get in shape and feel/look the way you want to”. Now it's more like "I made a whole pot of pasta and only had one bowl!” I have not dieted once. I feel like I have won the lottery and it is all because of this extremely talented, bad ass woman. Oh, and I lost 50 lbs :)

    Andrea Hounsell Event Planner, Borrowed & Blu
  • "So many of us women, for many different reasons, are guilty of putting ourselves last and losing parts of our own soul. Working with Tonya has given me the spark back in my life. I have seen a truth about myself I had long since forgotten, feeling directionless and blah from being excited about the future. While I realize there is still work to be done, I have more insight into what it is I need to find deep happiness and inner peace. I know with certainty this is the start of something big for me, a true transformation. If you haven't worked with Tonya, just do it".

    Devon Conway Teacher, Wild Souled Woman


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  • I created a 7 Steps to Living a Wild Souled Life for you that outlines the lessons I've learned in life that help me live a wild souled life everyday!

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