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The accountability challenge was a real eye opener for me. It made me realize that for several years I had existed in my life. I had stopped enjoying or living life. With the challenge I became aware of my lack of emotion, I would describe myself as comfortably numb. I functioned on the day to day must do’s completing task after task never really doing anything other then exist. I accepted this was just my life. I now know that was giving up and not living life. I lost twelve pounds during that challenge and one clothing size which I am happy with for now. I am most grateful for the day to day changes that have given me back my thirst for life, my voice, my new healthy lifestyle and more importantly me. I believe you were in fact sent to me that day to save me from myself. So I could start living life again. Words cannot ever do justice to how grateful I am for the accountability challenge and you. I have great days, good days and even bad days but I now realize that is okay. It is not the end of the world if I eat somethings I am not suppose to I just have to keep my feelings in check and figure out why. I have changed so much emotionally there are days I am not even sure I recognize the old me. Thank you again and I recommend your program to anyone who feels they are ready for a new healthier lifestyle. It was amazing, wonderfully enlightening and definitely the best money I ever spent. You are such a wonderful support and such an inspiration. Thank you for everything.

- Connie Fewer

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