Becoming Wild (The Journey Within) Guest Post!

This post is coming on the heels of the Wild Souled Women Retreat.  It’s really unbelievable how much can shift and change for a person in such a short time!  The common phrase ending the retreat is “I can’t believe this is only been 48 hours!”.  Life can change in a heart beat when we do the work we need to do in order to see who we are, how we’ve been living life, why we have been doing what we have been doing from a strategy and understanding human behaviour perspective.  When we have the courage to get underneath it, we can see it, understand it, and change it.

The defining moments from the event were people coming in with a defining hopelessness, stress, anxiety, uncertainty, aimlessness, loss of passion, not knowing what to do next.  Life hadn’t worked out the way it was “supposed” to.  And that’s not that they weren’t where they wanted to be… that’s the crux of the issue for most people – good job, good relationship, good life.  “Why Am I Not Happy?”

As we progressed through the weekend, it was an unbelievable experience.  Hard to put into words… so I won’t try.  I will let one of the participants tell it from her poem,

The Journey Within:

Down an unfamiliar path

Searching for understanding and peace

Digging deep into unknown and dark places

The journey begins.


Immersed in the wonders of nature

Being welcomed into the fold

Finding a safe and accepting space

There’s work to be done.


The search for answers begins

Opening up hearts and souls

Uncovering the stories within

Recognizing the imperfections.


Underneath the protective layer

Lie falsehoods and limiting beliefs

Altering the true course of lives

Causing pain and fear and tears.


The journey continues to unfold

Forgotten wounds begin to open

Letting out the festering poison

So the healing can begin.


With the help of knowing hands

Invoking   the spirits to show the way

Embracing beauty and power

The answers are revealed.


Nourished by love and acceptance

Souls break free of the restraints

Soaring now and feeling lighter

Rejoicing in the calmed waters.


A renewed soul walks away

More aware of their significance

Ready to love and be loved

To connect and to grow

To meaningfully contribute to life.


Offering thanks to the gods and goddesses

Basking in the glow of new possibilities

Re-energized with a spiritual awakening

A new journey can now begin.


Poem was submitted by the Amazing Linda Squires who has remarkable amount of courage and strength.  I am touched deeply by this poem, her talent and her ability to put into words that most of us cannot.

I love you.  Thank you.

I am excited to see how life unfolds for these beautiful and amazing souls who had the courage to take the “journey within”.


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