Hi, I'm Tonya

I help you uncover The Emotional & Mental Blocks that prevent you from achieving personal and professional success by getting to the root of the problem and turn it around. 


The purpose of Wild Souled Wellness is to help you become the wild souled warrior you are.  Inside each of us is the real us who knows the answers, the next right move, the best for us and what we're here to do.  We're disconnected from that and it shows up as weight problems, anger, fear, uncertainty, depression and destructive behaviours.

How many times have you found yourself "here" again?  The weight re-gained, the credit card maxed, feeling hopeless and unsure of which way to go? Or do you have everything that should make you happy but you don't truly enjoy any of it?

The problems we have in life are symptoms of a bigger, deeper, more buried problem.  I help people uncover that.


Because I know what it feels like to never really live, to become what everyone else wants you to become, people pleasing, never knowing yourself or making decisions for yourself.  Too often we stuff down who we really are and it manifests itself in these destructive habits and patterns of eating, spending, drinking, or vicious cycles of emotional roller coasters.

The purpose of Wild Souled Wellness is to help others find and live their wild, too, unchaining people from the conditions of life where we trade who we really are to be enough, to fit in, to get love. 

Inside each of us is a Wild Souled Warrior who knows the way for us.  My role is to help you find yours so you can rise up and live the live you know you were born to live.

You can feel it, can't you?  The Wild woman clawing to get, the warrior within you that is desperate to throw off the chains of conformity, the one who wants authenticity, courage to lead instead of dulling yourself down and living a life of fear.

You're ready to rise and I'm here to help you rise, to reclaim all of who you are by working through the challenges you face to get to the core of you. 

Your soul is calling, will you answer?

Where is the fun, the joy, the excitement?  Where is the person you know you really are under the stress, worry, fear, doubt and things not going as you expected them to. .

I get it.  I've been where you are.  In the darkest moments of my life, knowing I had to forget everything and run or face everything and Rise. 

I've never met a strong person with an easy past.  

I was once burned out, exhausted, overwhelmed, angry, bitter and frustrated most of the time.  If I wasn't feeling those emotions I was numb, shut down and not processing anything.  

Dealing with my feelings, my mindset, my belief systems and turning it all around gave me access to a freedom I wasn't aware I could have.  I was scared to look at my anger, my overwhelm, my nothingness.  I was afraid of what I would find there. And some of it was very painful childhood trauma and other stuff was socialized conditioning about how we should be.

Your freedom awaits... 


Professional Bio


Tonya helps people uncover and re-pattern their emotional blocks that prevent them from achieving success.  She has a unique ability to marry ancient and modern wisdom and techniques to help people find their own wild soul and unleash their full potential.

Tonya is a Strategic Interventionist.  She has studied under Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes to become a human behaviourist, Deborah King, other shamanic healers and soul coaches. 

She is also a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and nutritionist.  

She carries a diploma in Criminology and a degree in Sociology and English - her passions clearly shown early on in her choices to study society, human behaviour and writing. She is currently working towards her trauma certifications. 

Tonya is also a highly sought after speaker, workshop leader and International Retreat Leader.