Ready to go Deep To Completely Transform Your Life?

Are you struggling with something in your life that you are ready to leave behind so you can move into living the  life you know you were meant to live? 

Breakthrough Coaching Can Help!

Breakthrough Coaching is all about YOU and what's going on in your life.  Perhaps you've reached a point where you're asking

Is this all there is?

Or maybe you have everything you've ever wanted in life - all the things that were supposed to make you happy - but you're not.  And you want to know "what gives?" When will you be happy?

Or maybe you're nowhere close to where you expected to be by this stage in your life?

Wherever you are, whatever is going on, you've come to the right place.

Breaking Coaching is designed to help you breakthrough whatever is going on and get the results you've always wanted - whether that's happiness or weight loss (by the way, they go together!).

You Can Do This!

Using my formula for Success we work through what's currently showing up to understand it and then repattern it so you can change your life!

We have reasons for doing (or not doing) the things we do. Most time we are sabotaging what we really want!  Have you wondered why you would sabotage yourself?  Well, the answers are inside of you and we'll find them so we can help build the life you really want instead of just accepting what shows up like like you don't have a say in it!


It's Time to Get To The Roots!

You're not alone with this.  I've helped hundreds of people get to the core of their problem, find out what's subconsciously driving their destructive behaviours and turn those around so you can stop asking "why can't I get it together?" and instead focus on creating what you want.

We can't go from a depressed hole in the ground to living the cinderella fairy tale (well, most people can't) - there are emotional stages we have to work through. Ignoring what's in the way and trying to get where you want to go is like having a GPS to where you want to go but not knowing your starting place.

Together, we'll get into your darkest moments, shine a light in there to find out what's really going on.

Our habits & patterns are here to teach us....they can be your biggest gift if you'll look closely...

It's not easy to look within to find out why we recreate patterns and behaviours that we desperately want to change.  But it's essential to changing your life.

How many times have you been "here" again?  Even though you promised yourself you would never ever go back there!

  • How many times have you gained and lost the weight
  • or promised yourself you'd eat better?
  • Or paid off your credit card only to find it racked it up again?
  • Or working non stop, or smoking, or drinking?

Or any other destructive behaviours that are robbing you of your happiness?

More importantly, how many more times do you want to recreate those patterns?

If you said NO MORE, then let's talk about how Breakthrough Coaching can help!

Following a strategic guideline of modules and focus areas we guide you through the stories to get to the truth, identify how you meet your needs, then reframe it so you can turn it into positive fuel as you move forward in life!

We have guidelines to follow but everyone processes differently based on their own life experiences, where you are starting so we account for the flow of the unexpected (and there is ALWAYS unexpected!).

You don't have to do this alone!

Thinking you do is part of watts holding you back.  In life, we are presented with challenges and the most common thing is to say "I need to get through this on my own" but that typically looks like giving up on your goals and reverting to self sabotage behaviours and coping skills. Feel me?

Let Me Guide You 

I can't do the work for you but during our work together I help you through every step of this so you can create the resilience you need to ultimately change your life... which is really about:

Leaning into instead of away from.  

Life presents us with challenges.  Sometimes we find ourselves the victom of circumstances or other people's cruelty.  We don't know how to deal with it. So we don't.  We shut down and we never process what happened.  And that becomes the story of our lives.

We cope as best we can...

And it's ok.  You did the best you could with what you knw.  But ultimately not dealing with things brings us to a very unhappy and unhealthy life.

Your past doesn't have to equal your future!

You've got to feel it to heal it.

Part of the journey is looking at the things that show up and happened TO us so we can turn those around and get freedom from them.  We are NOT what happened TO us.  We can turn it into fuel that propels you forward to create the life you truly want to live - one of freedom and peace.

We've just forgotten who we are, deep down

You've forgotten what you're capable of.  You've forgotten that just because someone said it's not possible or didn't believe in or didn't support you or hurt you, there's nothing wrong with you.


Breakthrough Coaching Is Life Changing!

Breakthrough Coaching is about bringing you through experiences so you can make sense of them from a different perspective.  Using strategy and tools and yes, a little intuition (I'm great with gut feelings!) I walk you through the thins that are not working in your life to get you to a place where they are not only working but are thriving!

This is great for people who are really ready to let go and take your life to the next level.

Complete the form below and I will be in touch to schedule a no obligation chat to see if you're ready for breakthrough coaching.


"My Life Is Forever Changed! Just do it. You don't even know how badly you need this until you do it. Truly the best decision I've ever made."
Devon Conway
"Tonya was able to give me hope when I was hopeless. I had tried many different forms of positive thinking over the years and nothing really completely helped. Everything always left me feeling like I needed something else. Tonya used a completely different approach, one that I had never experienced before. She was able to help me get to the heart of what was going on and that’s where the real healing started. She was very gentle and patient as well which is also what I needed. When I thought I was closed off to everyone Tonya was able to help me open up again. I can’t thank her enough for that."
Chrissy Corbett

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