Repair With Gold…

Understand You Are More Beautiful For Having Been Broken!

In Japan, broken pottery is put back together using gold.  No trying to hide the breaks or the cracks., understanding it is more beautiful for having bee broken and put back together.

Hi, my name is Tonya, nice to meet you!  I work with wild souled warriors just like you that are ready for more, ready to create the life you really want to live. And I’m inviting you to spend an evening with me in an Interactive workshop where we’ll learn how the breaks we have in life, how to emotionally and spiritually repair those breaks.

We’ll also create our very own piece to take home as a representation of your own broken parts – knowing that you are stronger for having been broken but deciding to put the pieces back together.

Join us for an evening of putting your pieces back together. Sometimes, in life, we have experiences that break us. And that breaking can leave us feeling disconnected, alone, hurt, and unsure of what to do.

Healing those broken pieces can be hard.

Trauma occurs when we cannot reconcile what is happening or why, when it doesn’t fit. And to survive, to cope, we disconnect from what is happening and can be left feeling like we’re fragmented for a long time.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll be literally and figuratively putting your broken pieces back together using the Japanese art Kingsugi – filling your cracks with Gold.

In this workshop we’ll be do this with a broken piece to represent the journey we will take together – through meditation and a journey within to find the pieces you lost in those moments so you can bring them back.

It’s a workshop so have a journal because things will come up for you that you’ll to record and be comfortable.

I am here to guide you and support you on this journey as I bring some enlightening and life changing topics to your awareness as well as bring you on a journey to connect you with YOU.  I’m excited to meet you and help you unleash your inner wild woman!

Cost is $39+tx.  We expect this workshop to sell out quickly so get registered ASAP.