Stop The Poison

In this phase you learn about detoxing and cleansing, why it’s so important for your health and how you can get the most out of your cleanse week.

You will get an education that will make cleanse week a breeze to get through.  You will start the process of stopping the poison and prepare for your cleanse week.

Cleanse & Detox

During this phase you detox and cleanse your body using real foods and real nutrition to give your body what it needs.  You will experience the detoxing of chemicals and unhealthy foods.  You will experience emotional release that is connected to how you treat your body.

As you move through the cleanse you will begin to feel more energy, more vibrant, healthier, lighter, the brain fog will lift.  You will release weight you no longer need to carry around.


In the post cleanse phase you will create a plan that works for you, for your life that will keep you in high energy, high vibrancy and optimal health while still having a life and learning to zag a little 😉

Emotional Release

If you are an emotional eater or you have held onto weight as a protection or defence mechanism, the cleanse week will begin to release this.  The cleanse can provide an emotional time because of this so during the 30 Day Program you will be provided with a high level of support to ensure you are getting what you need to transform your life entirely.

What Can You Expect?

  • Pre-Cleanse Education & Readiness
  • Cleanse
  • Post Cleanse
  • Creating a Life Plan
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Emotional Support

The Detox, Cleanse & Revitalize Plan is about Health & Wellness…

You will release weight but the plan is about much more than weight.  It’s about health, it’s about wellness, it’s about giving your body what it needs so your body is healthy to help you live your life to the fullest.

Our body is the vehicle in which we experience life.  If we don’t have a healthy body it impacts our mindset and our emotions.  In order to have a healthy body, emotions and mindset we need to give our body what it needs and treat our body the way it needs to be treated.

This Detox & Cleanse is about more than releasing weight…

It is about checking in with yourself, your health, who you are, what you want, what’s important to you and taking the time to treat your body well and fine tune your emotional health as well as your mindset.

It Will Release Weight

This plan will help you release weight.  The post detox plan will help you rebalance your food and creating a long term plan will help you keep the weight off as well as fuel your body and life so you can live your live full out.

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