Day Events

Effective Goal Setting Workshop

September 23, 2017 - Holyrood

Effective Goal Setting works in 3 ways and we'll work together to ensure your goals become something you SMASH, not just another piece of paper that gets tossed in the trash because you ineffectively set goals, again.

In this 7 hour workshop, you will learn how to set goals that are not only acheiveable but sustainable because HOW you set them, what you understand about them, how you feel about them, WHY you want to achieve them are key ingredients to acheiving your goals.

Acheiving them isn't the ONLY part, though, you want to keep them, right? That's the key difference in getting behind your goals - when you know WHY you want to set them, you will be able to take the action necessary every day to achieve them!

In this workshop, you'll set goals in a powerful way that will ensure you reach those goals because they become a part of you!

Course is offered IN PERSON.

Turn Your Limiting Beliefs Into Your Fuel!

October 14, 2017

We all have limiting beliefs.  These are ways in which we hold ourselves back because of our emotions or thought processes.  

During this 7 hour workshop we will uncover your specific limiting beliefs and turn those into more empowering beliefs that will help you achieve everything you want.

We will have live interventions throughout the day to ensure you go home with the knowledge and plan to turn things around!

Cost: $97+tx 

7 Steps To Living a Wild Souled Life

November 18, 2017

During this 7 hour workshop we will spend the day working through the 7 life changing concepts that will help you overcome your patterns and habits that hinder you and create new ones that will empower you.

These are the very 7 steps I use each day and that I used to help me recover from burn out, negative self destructive behaviours, smoking and eating disorders.  

During the day we will have live interventions available for those who want to work deeper through particular issues.  

You will go home with a plan of how to implement these 7 steps into your own life so you can live a more authentic live!

Cost: $97 + hst 

How To Stop Emotional Eating For Good!

December 9, 2017

In this 7 hour workshop, we will uncover the most common causes for emotional eating and help you identify your specific reasons for emotionally eating.

We will implement strategies that you can take home to help you stop emotionally eating right away and start replacing those behaviours with healthier ones!

Cost: $97 + hst


Weekend Retreats

Wild Souled Women- Unleash The Wild Woman

Jan 2018 (dates to be announced)

During this weekend retreat, you will be guided on a journey of uncovering things about yourself that you have long buried. You will be taken on a journey of self discovery that will help you become the woman you really are.

You will be guided to the root of your problems to find solutions. During this weekend you will be guided using modern human behaviour techniques as well as modern day shamanic wisdom. 

More details on the weekend retreat here -> 

Destination Retreats

Come to Peru and Connect To Your Inner Wild 

April 2018

Complete details can be found here ->