Wild Souled Women - Reclaim Yourself

PERU - April 15, 2018

Join Us On An Immersive Experience to Connect To Your Wild Soul

During this 5 Day Retreat (+optional hike to Machu Picchu) - you will be guided on an experience of self discovery, breaking down barriers and uncovering blocks that hold you back from the life you truly want to live.

Understanding why you do the things you, how you ended up "here", the cycles you continue to repeat, why you give and give and give and rarely ever receive, leaving you exhausted, feeling taken advantage of, burnt out, overwhelmed and wondering if there is more to life...

There is more to life!

Which you'll discover on the Wild Souled Women Retreat with other like minded women on a similar journey of soul discovery, as we embark together on:

5 Days Of Immersion

Day 1: Understanding How You Got "Here".

Day 2: Where Do You Really Want To Go?

Day 3: The Journey Within/ Closing The Gap

Day 4: Living a Wild Souled Life/Intervention Day

Day 5: Integrating & Planning For The Future

What's Included:

  • Accommodations

  • 3 Meals Per Day

  • Workshops

  • Guided Hikes

  • Shamanic Ceremony

  • Guided Meditations 

  • Soul Journey's

  • Sacred & Healing Fires

  • Sacred Dance

  • Trek To Macchu Picchu (3 nights, 4 days)

Not included: Flights& Ground Transportation to & from Cusco, Peru, trip cancellation/Insurance (options will be provided for the group). 



A Complete List of What To Bring will be supplied.

The main airport is Lima with transfer to Cusco, Peru.  The retreat centre is located 2 hours away and we will have ground transport to the retreat centre as a group for your ease!

Optional Trek to Machu Picchu 

One of the most sacred sites in the world, we will embark on a 3 day trek, visiting local tribes and communities along the way.  We'll be using the less travelled part of the trail with a tour company.  Included in this portion is 3 nights accommodations in Cusco and 3 nights accommodations along the trail.

Pricing / Booking Options: 

Retreat + Inca Trail Trek OR Retreat Only



Retreat & Trek to Machu Picchu $2497 USD (paid in full)

Register Here -->> Retreat + Trek 

Retreat Only - $1297 USD paid in full

Register Here -->> Retreat Only

Retreat + Trek (2 payments)


****Prices do not include airfare or ground transport**** 

 Who is Tonya Whittle?

Tonya is an Intuitive Strategist helping you connect to yourself (um, Soul Healer wink wink), who has studied under Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes, as well as numerous other spiritual, mindset, professional development healers and coaches around the world.  She is a Wild Souled Woman who healed her own life using these very principles, taking herself from overhwelmed, scared, anxious and living a life of fear, doubt and worry. She used these exact princples to heal her life, connect with her Wild Soul and completely Transform Her Life.  Now she's helping people all over the world heal their lives - Mind/Body/Soul