Western Woman Will Save The World

Dali Lama

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The Retreats are indescribable.  For how do you describe magic?

We bring women together, in groups, to empower, encourage, support each other in healing, letting go, moving forward, facing fears, and connecting to our own divine feminine energy.  As women, we are far more powerful united together than alone!

Turn Your Pain Into Passion

Life can be hard and we've learned to shut down, survive and exit through the hardships.

We have not learned to ask for help, to be open, to receive assistance.  After a lifetime of pulling away and shoving it all down, we find ourselves numb, unable to feel anything or feeling too much of everything. 

In retreat, we learn how to transform that pain into the very fuel that will help you rebuild your life. 

There is beauty in the pain, and allowing yourself to experience it, express it, release it can help you find your own wild soul as you leave behind the hurt and lean into life. 

Your Life Is Waiting 

This journey of life isn't about getting to an end point.  In fact, have you had everything you wanted in life and realized it didn't make you happy, after all? Or have you ever wanted something that have remained elusive, no matter how hard you've worked to achieve it? Leaving you believing that life is just unfair and you're not meant to be happy?  

I'll Take You On A Journey ...

During the event I'll take you on an experience to identify the blocks, patterns and behaviours that are preventing you from experiencing life the way you want to. Life isn't meant to be full of suffering with no joy or happiness.  Life is meant to be lived, to be experienced, to be felt.  Are you living or existing?

Are you ready to live?


Complete With Interventions 

that will allow you the opportunity to work through your specific challenge to find the root of the problem and map out a solution that is right for you, where you are and where you want to go. 

A True Mind Body Soul Experience 

Where you learn how to take care of all 3 aspects of your well to nourish your life so you can live your wild!  You will learn and experience why eating, exercising and engaging in wild soul activities like meditation, soul work and mindset work is critical to living your best life.  You will create a plan that you will take home with you!


Friends for life!

A Life Changing Experience Awaits!

This is your awakening, an experience that must be experienced and is easily described.  Everyone comes for different reasons - some for relationships, some for growth, some for the community, the connections, the vibe, some for weight loss - but all come for deeper healing.  

Who shows up together is never a coincides, strangers colliding and creating life long friendships, filling voids we didn't know we had!


Listen to Your Soul.  

She has something to tell you! Once you tap into that experience you will be forever changed by what you know and what you have experienced.  Like biting into the juiciest piece of dessert, you will never forget what it feels like to be connected to yourself at such a deep level.  And you will know that you can return to this anytime!

The Retreats Are About 

Connection.  Community. Ancient Wisdom. Divine Feminine. Healing.  Letting Go.  Learning. Growing.  Fun.  Friendship. Intuition.  Divine Guidance. Trust. Ceremony. 

Awaken The Wild Woman, She Has Been Sleeping Too Long!

Mind -Body-Soul We will tap into and burn off anything that isn't the real you.  You know, the you that you created to survive life?  The armour you wear to protect yourself everyday?  We're going to start chipping away at some of that so you can leave behind what you need to let go of so you can live the life you dream of.


What Our Wild Women Have To Say:

In one weekend, I've regained the spark back in my eye. I have seen a truth about myself that I had long forgotten. I have more insight into what is needed to find happiness and deep inner peace. I know with certainty this is the start of something huge for me - a true transformation!
Devon Conway
I can't believe it's been only 48 hours! My life is forever changed!
Kate Rowsell
We aren't meant to do this work alone. We all need someone to help us see what's in our blind spot, what we can't see and to keep us accountable. We need someone to listen to us, support us and cheer for us. We need our tribe of sisters.
Pam Brown
How can you put magic into words?
Chelsey Hicks
Owner, Dance Thru It

Words Used To Describe The Events:

Life changing, indescribable, WOW, amazing, freeing, the best experience of my life!


Upcoming Retreats

Wild Women Unleashed - PERU

April, 2018  

Your Own Private Retreat 

We can customize a day or weekend event just for you or a group of your own peeps - whether it's work, family or a group of soul sisters getting together for a life changing experience. 

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You might be interested in some of my shorter events like the 4-8 hour day events or even my corporate workshops (you can have me come in to your workplace and discuss human behaviour!)  Click here to get the entire current event schedule.