June 1-3  Burlington, Newfoundland 



When Women Support Each Other,

Incredible Things Happen

Give Yourself The Gift of You

During this 3 Day Retreat you will be guided along a journey of self discovery, understanding why you do the things you do, why you give so much to others and rarely refill your own tank leaving you exhausted, unhappy and feeling like there's more to life...


And you'll discover that in with a group of Wild Souled Women on a similar journey. 

You will connect, learn, grow together in a beautiful  environment that provides you with healthy nourishment to keep your transformation process clear, your body and mind alert and have you coming home feeling amazing and ready to live your life as YOU. 

What Our Clients Said

How do you describe magic? It's an experience you need to have for yourself!"

Chelsey Hicks

Just Go! You don't know how much you need it until you go, I didn't! Life changing!"

Devon Conway

3 Days of Immersion

Immersion creates a space of learning in an environment with no other distractions.  Life is busy with our 24/7 world and immersion helps us get out of the every day hum drum of life so we can breathe, rest, relax, learn, grow and connect to other people in a way we can't otherwise.

We are here to have fun, learn and grow but most importantly deal with and heal  patterns, behaviours and life experiences that have you caused you to be living a life of stress, not feeling good enough, always feel like you did something wrong and mostly- always taking care of everyone but you.

This weekend is for Wild Women, to UNLEASH THE WARRIOR WITHIN.  It's for women who are ready to step up and design your own destiny - no more conditioning, no more playing small, no more afraid to rock the boat!  It's time for you to be you! 

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Using behaviour modification, interventions and strategy you will be led on a journey of self discovery to understand the patterns, habits, life experiences that have caused you to create the habits, behaviours that you have now that prevent you from being you.


Ancient Wisdom

You'll be taken on a journey using ancient healing rituals and ceremony to blend modern and ancient healing together as you take this journey deeper into yourself and connect more deeply with who you really are.

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Live Wild

You'll go home with a newfound appreciation for yourself and others, more deeply connected to you, filled up and renewed with the true power of life as you unleash your wild soul and learn how to live it everyday!

What We'll Do

  • Workshops
  • Nutritional Detox
  • Healthy Meals 
  • Exercise (yoga, Muai Thai, Fitness)
  • Healing Rituals, Ceremonies
  • Hiking/
  • Fire
  • Sacred Dance
  • Wild Woman/Warrior Photoshoot (personal choice)


Professional Team

Tonya Whittle

Strategic Interventionist and behaviour modification expert.  Tonya is the creator of the Wild and will lead your journey through the program. 


Regina Wright 

Modern Day Shaman.  Regina will help set the stage and create the space, creating a safe and sacred container to do this work.  Using her many skills she will help us bridge the barriers of real and mystical creating an experience to help us go deeper! 

***Stay Tuned for more additions***

Do More Than Exist

We only accept a small group of women to come together and work in a small group.  Please register early to ensure your space!

Double occupancy Early Bird March 31, 2018


Tax not included. One time payment 

Double occupancy Payment Plan Early Bird Payment Plan


Tax not included. 2 Payments

Single Occupancy 

One time payment. Early Bird March 31, 2018. 

Single Occupancy. 

2 payments.  Early Bird March 31, 2018.