Write Your Way Home

Uncover what your soul has to say through your pen!

Writing your way home to you is one of the fastest and most profound way to heal and connect to your soul!

Hi, my name is Tonya, nice to meet you!  I work with wild souled warriors just like you that are ready for more, ready to create the life you really want to live. And I’m inviting you to spend a day with me learning my exact process for cutting through the noise to listen to what your soul says – through your pen.


It’s a writing workshop so have a journal, wear comfortable clothes so you can get comfortable.

I am here to guide you and support you on this journey as I bring some enlightening and life changing topics to your awareness as well as bring you on a journey to connect you with YOU.  I’m excited to meet you and help you unleash your inner wild woman through your pen!

Cost is $67+tx.  We expect this workshop to sell out quickly so get registered ASAP.